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Journal Articles

DateAuthor(s)Title/Summary JournalOpen AccessDownload
01/2023Basheer, Nechifor, Calzadilla, Gebrechorkos, Pritchard, Forsythe, Gonzalez, Sheffield, Fowler and Harou Cooperative adaptive management of the Nile River with climate and socio-economic uncertaintiesNature Climate ChangeNoDownload
2022Opperman, Carvallo, Kelman, Schmitt, Almeida, Chapin, Flecker, Goichot, Grill, Harou, Hartmann, Higgins, Kammen, Martin, Martins, Newsock, Rogéliz, Raepple, Sada, Thieme and HarrisonBalancing renewable energy and river resources by moving from individual assessments of hydropower projects to energy system planningFrontiers in Environmental ScienceNoDownload
08/2022Basheer, Nechifor, Calzadilla, Ringler, Hulme and HarouBalancing national economic policy outcomes for sustainable developmentNature CommunicationsYesDownload
06/2022DyeWhen the means become the ends: Ghana’s ‘good governance’ electricity reform overwhelmed by the politics of power crisesNew Political EconomyYesDownload
05/2022Nechifor, Basheer, Calzadilla, Obobie, HarouFinancing national scale energy projects in developing countries – An economy-wide evaluation of Ghana's Bui DamEnergy EconomicsNoDownload
01/2022Pachos, Huskova, Matrosov, Erfani and HarouTrade-off informed adaptive and robust real options water resources planningAdvances in Water ResourcesYesDownload
01/2022Schulz and SkinnerHydropower benefit-sharing and resettlement: A conceptual reviewEnergy Research & Social ScienceYesDownload
01/2022Akpoti, Higginbottom, Foster, Adhikari and ZwartMapping land suitability for informal, small-scale irrigation development using spatial modelling and machine learning in the Upper East Region, GhanaScience of The Total EnvironmentNoDownload
12/2021Schulz and SaklaniThe future of hydropower development in Nepal: Views from the private sectorRenewable EnergyNoDownload
11/2021DyeUneven convergence in India’s development cooperation: the case of concessional finance to AfricaThird World QuarterlyNoDownload
09/2021Basheer, Nechifor, Calzadilla, Siddig, Etichia, Whittington, Hulme & Harou Collaborative management of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam increases economic benefits and resilienceNature CommuicationsYesDownload
09/2021Dye, Schindler and RwehumbizaThe political rationality of state capitalism in Tanzania: Territorial transformation and the entrepreneurial individualArea Development and PolicyNoDownload
07/2021Acreman, Smith, Charters, Tickner, Opperman, Acreman, Edwards, Sayers and ChivavaEvidence for the effectiveness of nature-based solutions to water issues in AfricaEnvironmental Research LettersYesDownload
05/2021Gonzalez, Matrosov, Obuobie, Mul, Pettinotti, Gebrechorkos, Sheffield, Bottacin-Busolin, Dalton, Smith and HarouQuantifying Cooperation Benefits for New Dams in Transboundary Water Systems Without Formal Operating RulesFrontiers in Environmental Science (Water and Wastewater Management)YesDownload
04/2021Gebrechorkos, Pan, Lin, Pritchard, Forsythe, Fowler and SheffieldModelling hydrological droughts and floods in the Volta Basin, West Africa EGU General AssemblyYesDownload
01/2021Higginbottom, Adhikari, Dimova, Redicker and FosterPerformance of large-scale irrigation projects in sub-Saharan AfricaNature SustainabilityYesDownload
10/2020Wheeler, Jeuland, Hall, Zagona & WhittingtonUnderstanding and managing new risks on the Nile with the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance DamNature CommunicationsYesDownload
10/2020Schulz and AdamsIn search of the good dam: contemporary views on dam planning in Latin AmericaSustainability ScienceYesDownload
10/2020Hurford, McCartney, Harou, Dalton, Smith and OdadaBalancing services from built and natural assets via river basin trade off analysisEcosystem ServicesYesDownload
09/2020Basheer, Wheeler, Elagib, Zagona, Abdo and HarouFilling Africa’s Largest Hydropower Dam Should Consider Engineering RealitiesOne EarthNoDownload
10/2020Hurford, Harou, Bonzanigo, Ray, Karki, Bharati, ChinnasamyEfficient and robust hydropower system design under uncertainty - A demonstration in NepalRenewable and Sustainable Energy ReviewsYesDownload
10/2020Khadem, Rouge & HarouWhat do economic water storage valuations reveal about optimal vs. historical water management?Water Resources and EconomicsYesDownload
10/2020Whittington and SmithThe Ex-Ante Economic Analysis of Investments in Large Dams: A Brief HistoryWater Economics and PolicyYesDownload
07/2020Gonzalez, Tomlinson, Harou, et al.Spatial and sectoral benefit distribution in water-energy system designApplied EnergyYesDownload
06/2020Geressu, Siderius, Harou, Kashaigili, Pettinotti, ConwayAssessing river basin development given water-energy-food-environment interdependenciesEarth's FutureYesDownload
05/2020Forsythe, Pritchard, and FowlerApplying the climatic water balance to the Volta basin as an accounting framework to aid policy makers in understanding climate pressures on the water-energy-food (W-E-F) nexusEGU General Assembly 2020YesDownload
05/2020Etichia, Martinez, Harou and PanteliAssessment of soft and hard linking approaches of integrated water-energy simulationEGU General Assembly 2020YesDownload
04/2020Markkanen, Plummer Braeckman & SouvannasengMapping the evolving complexity of large hydropower project finance in low and lower-middle income countriesGreen FinanceYesDownload
03/2020DyeIdeology matters: Political machinations, modernism, and myopia in Rwanda's electricity boomEnergy Research & Social ScienceNoDownload
03/2020Harou, Matthews, Smith et al. Water at COP25: Resilience enables climate change adaptation through better planning, governance and financeProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Water ManagementYesDownload
02/2020Khadem, Rougé and HarouWhat do economic water storage valuations reveal about optimal vs. historical water management?Water Resources and EconomicsYesDownload
01/2020Patel, Shakya and RaiClimate finance for hydropower - Incentivising the low carbon transitionIIEDYesDownload
01/2020Tomlinson, Arnott and HarouA water resource simulator in PythonEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
12/2019Erfani, Pachos and HarouDecision-Dependent Uncertainty in Adaptive Real-Options Water Resource PlanningAdvances in Water ResourcesNoDownload
12/2019HarouTowards a national water resources planning framework in EnglandProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Water ManagementYesDownload
12/2019Knox, Tomlinson, Harou, Meier, Rosenberg, Lund and RheinheimerAn open-source data manager for network modelsEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
10/2019Machingura, Nyamwanza, Hulme and StuartClimate information services, integrated knowledge systems and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable EarthYesDownload
09/2019Zhou, Panteli, Wang and MancarellaQuantifying the System-Level Resilience of Thermal Power Generation to Extreme Temperatures and Water ScarcityIEEE Systems JournalNoDownload
09/2019VosperBuilding a UK climate impacts and risk assessment communityWeatherYesDownload
08/2019DyeContinuity or Change in the Infrastructure Turn? Reform of the Technicians’ Realm in a World Bank DamEuropean Journal of Development ResearchNoDownload
08/2019Geressu and HarouReservoir system expansion scheduling under conflicting interestsEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
08/2019Martínez Ceseña, Panteli, Mutale, Mancarella, Tomlinson and HarouIntegrated Energy-Water Model for Interdependent Storage, Run-of-River and Pump HydropowerIEEEYesDownload
07/2019Schultz and AdamsDebating dams: The World Commission on Dams 20 years onWIREs WaterNoDownload
06/2019Martínez Ceseña, Good, Panteli, Mutale and MancarellaFlexibility in Sustainable Electricity Systems: Multivector and Multisector Nexus PerspectivesIEEENoDownload
03/2019Nechifor and WinningGlobal crop output and irrigation water requirements under a changing climateHeliyonYesDownload
11/2018Boyd, Calel, Chapman, Dessai, Dima-West, Fowler, James, Maraun, Martius, Senior, Sobel, Stainforth, Tett, Trenberth, van den Hurk, Watkins, Wilby and ZenghelisStorylines: an alternative approach to representing uncertainty in physical aspects of climate
Climatic ChangeYesDownload
10/2018Khadem, Rougé, Harou, Hansen, Medellin-Azuara and LundEstimating the Economic Value of Interannual Reservoir Storage in Water Resource SystemsWater Resources ResearchYesDownload
06/2018Erfani, Pachos and HarouReal-Options Water Supply Planning: Multistage Scenario Trees for Adaptive and Flexible Capacity Expansion Under Probabilistic Climate Change UncertaintyWater Resources ResearchYesDownload
05/2018Knox, Meier, Yoon and HarouA python framework for multi-agent simulation of networked resource systemsEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
02/2018Narasimhan, Gilbert and ElsenbroichAn Integrated Model to Assess the Impacts of Dams in Transboundary River BasinsUniversity of SurreyYesDownload

Open access working papers

Number/DateAuthor(s)Title/Summary Download
022/2022Richard Palmer-JonesWhat should we say of Dams who mainly ‘metrics’ mastered? The impact of ‘Dams’Download
021/2022Dale WhittingtonContested baselines and transboundary water resources management:
illustrations from the Nile
020/2022Barnaby Joseph Dye and Ishmael AyanooreThe dynamic equilibrium of state effectiveness: the factors eroding and supporting Ghana’s ‘state within a state’ – the Volta River AuthorityDownload
019/2022Barnaby Joseph Dye and Simon BawakyillenuoThe contradictions of competitive democracy in Ghana: electricity as citizenship right, as patronage or as a commodity?Download
IIEDBuckley, Wang, Zhou and NortonWhat drives safeguarding for China’s hydropower projects in LDCs?Download
018/2022Tenkorang, Enu-Kwesi, Bendu and
Evolving lending regimes and the political economy of dam financing in GhanaDownload
017/2021SaklaniAnti-dam struggles and the technopolitics of hydropower: the case of Arun-III in NepalDownload
016/2021DyeMeeting Africa’s Latest Dam Builders: The Indian Ex-Im Bank, ‘Entrepreneurial’ Companies and the Outcomes of South-South CooperationDownload
15/2021Lavers, Terrefe and GebresenbetPowering development: the political economy of electricity generation in the EPRDF’s EthiopiaDownload
14/2021DyeUneven convergence in development? The case of India’s lines of credit to AfricaDownload
13/2021DyeStructural reform and the politics of electricity crises in Ghana: tidying whilst the house is on fire?Download
12/2021Plummer Braeckman and MarkkanenPerceptions of risk in relation to large hydropower projects: a finance perspectiveDownload
11/2020Markkanen, Plummer Braeckman and SeegaAn analytical framework for understanding risk and risk mitigation in the context of financing large hydropower projects in low- and lower-middle income countriesDownload
10/2020Vaughan and GebremichaelResettlement of Gumuz communities around Ethiopia's Blue Nile damDownload
09/2020Whittington and SmithThe ex-ante economic analysis of investments in large dams: a brief historyDownload
08/2020Chemouni and DyeThe contradictions of an aspiring developmental state: energy boom and bureaucratic independence in RwandaDownload
07/2020Plummer Braeckman, Markkanen and SouvannasengMapping the evolving complexity of large hydropower project finance in low and lower-middle income countriesDownload
06/2019DyeWhat holds back dam building? The role of Brazil in the stagnation of dams in TanzaniaDownload
05/2019DyeDam building by the illiberal modernisers: ideology and changing rationales in Rwanda and TanzaniaDownload
04/2019Hay, Skinner and NortonDam-Induced Displacement and Resettlement: A Literature ReviewDownload
03/2019Markkanen and Plummer BraeckmanFinancing sustainable hydropower projects in emerging markets: an introduction to concepts and terminologyDownload
02/2019Darko et alThe context and politics of decision making on large dams in Ghana: an overviewDownload
01/2019Lavers and DyeTheorising the political economy of dams: towards a research agendaDownload

Policy resources

01/2023Udisha SaklaniBuilding infrastructure abroad: India’s enterprises in Africa and South AsiaA policy brief and report exploring India’s enterprises in Africa and South Asia
01/2023Mohammed Basheer, Victor Nechifor, Alvaro Calzadilla, Solomon Gebrechorkos, David Pritchard, Nathan Forsythe, Jose M. Gonzalez, Justin Sheffield, Hayley J. Fowler & Julien J. Harou Policy Brief on Negotiating Nile infrastructure management should consider climate change uncertaintiesA policy brief and report exploring adaptive river basin planning
03/2022Barnaby DyePolicy Brief and Report on the Political Economy of Electricity in GhanaA policy brief and report exploring the Political Economy of electricity in Ghana
02/2022Foster and AdhikariIrrigation Development in Sub-Saharan AfricanA policy brief on the past, present, and future role of dams for food security, rural growth, and climate adaptation.
01/2022SkinnerSharing the benefits of hydropower to improve displaced people’s livelihoodsIIED's Briefing on the concept of hydropower benefit sharing and how it can be applied to improve the livelihoods of those displaced by hydropower schemes.
01/2022Hulme and DyeStakeholder engagement: The FutureDAMS guideA policy brief on engaging stakeholders in water-energy-food-environment systems assessment and planning.
01/2021Hulme and DyeEngaging stakeholders in water-energy-food-environment systems assessment and planning: A FutureDAMS guideA guide to considering development options across water, energy, food and environment systems with a broad range of stakeholders
02/2021Skinner and ObuobieSocial dimensions of Pwalugu DamThe social implications and considerations for Pwalugu Dam to achieve its potential to contribute to the economic transformation of North-east Ghana.
07/2020DyeRwanda's Electricity Boom and the Danger of Too Much PowerThe Policy Practice Working Paper with policy conclusions for donors and governments in Africa regarding expnasion of the power sector
01/2020Patel, Shakya and RaiClimate finance for hydropower. Incentivising the low-carbon transitionIIED's Issue Paper on climate funding for sustainable hydropower projects to support the transition to a low-carbon future
12/2019Patel, Shakya and RaiHow climate finance can help repurpose hydropowerIIED's Briefing on how policy can enable the shift to clean energy by mobilising climate funds for hydropower projects
17/2018SkinnerGender considerations in the restoration of livelihoods: resettlement from hydropowerIIED's Briefing on a review of existing policies and outcomes of resettlement approaches for large hydropower dams, focusing on incorporating the gendered dimension of resettlement to improve policies and help women and men successfully restore their livelihoods.