All FutureDAMS journal articles, working papers, pre-prints and briefings are available below. Wherever possible, we make our research open access, but if you’re unable to download a paper, please contact us.


Journal Articles

DateAuthor(s)Title JournalOpen AccessDownload
05/2018Knox, Meier, Yoon and HarouA python framework for multi-agent simulation of networked resource systemsEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
06/2018Erfani, Pachos and HarouReal-Options Water Supply Planning: Multistage Scenario Trees for Adaptive and Flexible Capacity Expansion Under Probabilistic Climate Change UncertaintyWater Resources ResearchYesDownload
10/2018Khadem, Rougé, Harou, Hansen, Medellin-Azuara and LundEstimating the Economic Value of Interannual Reservoir Storage in Water Resource SystemsWater Resources ResearchYesDownload
07/2019Schultz and AdamsDebating dams: The World Commission on Dams 20 years onWIREs WaterNoDownload
08/2019Geressu and HarouReservoir system expansion scheduling under conflicting interestsEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
08/2019DyeContinuity or Change in the Infrastructure Turn? Reform of the Technicians’ Realm in a World Bank DamEuropean Journal of Development ResearchNoDownload

Open access working papers

DateAuthor(s)Title Download
03/19Lavers and DyeTheorising the political economy of dams: towards a research agendaDownload
03/19DyeDam building by the illiberal modernisers: ideology and changing rationales in Rwanda and TanzaniaDownload
05/19Darko et alThe context and politics of decision making on large dams in Ghana: an overviewDownload
08/19Markkanen and Plummer BraeckmanFinancing sustainable hydropower projects in emerging markets: an introduction to concepts and terminologyDownload
09/19Hay, Skinner and NortonDam-Induced Displacement and Resettlement: A Literature ReviewDownload