All FutureDAMS journal articles, working papers, pre-prints and briefings are available below. Wherever possible, we make our research open access, but if you’re unable to download a paper, please contact us.


Journal Articles

DateAuthor(s)Title/Summary JournalOpen AccessDownload
10/2020Wheeler, Jeuland, Hall, Zagona & WhittingtonUnderstanding and managing new risks on the Nile with the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance DamNature CommunicationsYesDownload
10/2020Hurford, McCartney, Harou, Dalton, Smith and OdadaBalancing services from built and natural assets via river basin trade off analysisEcosystem ServicesYesDownload
09/2020Basheer, Wheeler, Elagib, Zagona, Abdo and HarouFilling Africa’s Largest Hydropower Dam Should Consider Engineering RealitiesOne EarthNoDownload
10/2020Hurford, Harou, Bonzanigo, Ray, Karki, Bharati, ChinnasamyEfficient and robust hydropower system design under uncertainty - A demonstration in NepalRenewable and Sustainable Energy ReviewsYesDownload
07/2020Gonzalez, Tomlinson, Harou, et al.Spatial and sectoral benefit distribution in water-energy system designApplied EnergyYesDownload
06/2020Geressu, Siderius, Harou, Kashaigili, Pettinotti, ConwayAssessing river basin development given water-energy-food-environment interdependenciesEarth's FutureYesDownload
04/2020Markkanen, Plummer Braeckman & SouvannasengMapping the evolving complexity of large hydropower project finance in low and lower-middle income countriesGreen FinanceYesDownload
03/2020DyeIdeology matters: Political machinations, modernism, and myopia in Rwanda's electricity boomEnergy Research & Social ScienceNoDownload
03/2020Harou, Matthews, Smith et al. Water at COP25: Resilience enables climate change adaptation through better planning, governance and financeProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Water ManagementYesDownload
02/2020Khadem, Rougé and HarouWhat do economic water storage valuations reveal about optimal vs. historical water management?Water Resources and EconomicsYesDownload
01/2020Patel, Shakya and RaiClimate finance for hydropower - Incentivising the low carbon transitionIIEDYesDownload
01/2020Tomlinson, Arnott and HarouA water resource simulator in PythonEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
12/2019Erfani, Pachos and HarouDecision-Dependent Uncertainty in Adaptive Real-Options Water Resource PlanningAdvances in Water ResourcesNoDownload
12/2019HarouTowards a national water resources planning framework in EnglandProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Water ManagementYesDownload
12/2019Knox, Tomlinson, Harou, Meier, Rosenberg, Lund and RheinheimerAn open-source data manager for network modelsEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
10/2019Machingura, Nyamwanza, Hulme and StuartClimate information services, integrated knowledge systems and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable EarthYesDownload
09/2019Zhou, Panteli, Wang and MancarellaQuantifying the System-Level Resilience of Thermal Power Generation to Extreme Temperatures and Water ScarcityIEEE Systems JournalNoDownload
09/2019VosperBuilding a UK climate impacts and risk assessment communityWeatherYesDownload
08/2019DyeContinuity or Change in the Infrastructure Turn? Reform of the Technicians’ Realm in a World Bank DamEuropean Journal of Development ResearchNoDownload
08/2019Geressu and HarouReservoir system expansion scheduling under conflicting interestsEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
08/2019Martínez Ceseña, Panteli, Mutale, Mancarella, Tomlinson and HarouIntegrated Energy-Water Model for Interdependent Storage, Run-of-River and Pump HydropowerIEEEYesDownload
07/2019Schultz and AdamsDebating dams: The World Commission on Dams 20 years onWIREs WaterNoDownload
06/2019Martínez Ceseña, Good, Panteli, Mutale and MancarellaFlexibility in Sustainable Electricity Systems: Multivector and Multisector Nexus PerspectivesIEEENoDownload
03/2019Nechifor and WinningGlobal crop output and irrigation water requirements under a changing climateHeliyonYesDownload
11/2018Boyd, Calel, Chapman, Dessai, Dima-West, Fowler, James, Maraun, Martius, Senior, Sobel, Stainforth, Tett, Trenberth, van den Hurk, Watkins, Wilby and ZenghelisStorylines: an alternative approach to representing uncertainty in physical aspects of climate
Climatic ChangeYesDownload
10/2018Khadem, Rougé, Harou, Hansen, Medellin-Azuara and LundEstimating the Economic Value of Interannual Reservoir Storage in Water Resource SystemsWater Resources ResearchYesDownload
06/2018Erfani, Pachos and HarouReal-Options Water Supply Planning: Multistage Scenario Trees for Adaptive and Flexible Capacity Expansion Under Probabilistic Climate Change UncertaintyWater Resources ResearchYesDownload
05/2018Knox, Meier, Yoon and HarouA python framework for multi-agent simulation of networked resource systemsEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareYesDownload
02/2018Narasimhan, Gilbert and ElsenbroichAn Integrated Model to Assess the Impacts of Dams in Transboundary River BasinsUniversity of SurreyYesDownload

Open access working papers

Number/DateAuthor(s)Title/Summary Download
11/2020Markkanen, Plummer Braeckman and SegaAn analytical framework for understanding risk and risk mitigation in the context of financing large hydropower projects in low- and lower-middle income countriesDownload
10/2020Vaughan and GebremichaelResettlement of Gumuz communities around Ethiopia's Blue Nile damDownload
09/2020Whittington and SmithThe ex-ante economic analysis of investments in large dams: a brief historyDownload
08/2020Chemouni and DyeThe contradictions of an aspiring developmental state: energy boom and bureaucratic independence in RwandaDownload
07/2020Plummer Braeckman, Markkanen and SouvannasengMapping the evolving complexity of large hydropower project finance in low and lower-middle income countriesDownload
06/2019DyeWhat holds back dam building? The role of Brazil in the stagnation of dams in TanzaniaDownload
05/2019DyeDam building by the illiberal modernisers: ideology and changing rationales in Rwanda and TanzaniaDownload
04/2019Hay, Skinner and NortonDam-Induced Displacement and Resettlement: A Literature ReviewDownload
03/2019Markkanen and Plummer BraeckmanFinancing sustainable hydropower projects in emerging markets: an introduction to concepts and terminologyDownload
02/2019Darko et alThe context and politics of decision making on large dams in Ghana: an overviewDownload
01/2019Lavers and DyeTheorising the political economy of dams: towards a research agendaDownload

Policy outputs and research briefs

07/2020DyeRwanda's Electricity Boom and the Danger of Too Much PowerThe Policy Practice Working Paper with policy conclusions for donors and governments in Africa regarding expnasion of the power sector
01/2020Patel, Shakya and RaiClimate finance for hydropower. Incentivising the low-carbon transitionIIED's Issue Paper on climate funding for sustainable hydropower projects to support the transition to a low-carbon future
12/2019Patel, Shakya and RaiHow climate finance can help repurpose hydropowerIIED's Briefing on how policy can enable the shift to clean energy by mobilising climate funds for hydropower projects