On 1 March, Anthony Hurford conducted a FutureDAMS modelling and software co-development session at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultural Technology (JKUAT) at the invitation of Prof. Bancy Mati and Dr. James Messo. Participants in the session were JKUAT faculty, MSc students and 4th year undergraduate students. Around 35 people in total participated in the event.

Participants were given a 20-minute introduction to water resource system modelling presentation then 2 hours of hands-on experience of model building and running and understanding the functionality of the suite of software for integrated assessment modelling.

These users created accounts which will allow them to further explore the functionality of the software in their own time, with support from live YouTube instructional videos. They will be able to build and run models for whatever purposes they desire and interact with FutureDAMS to track progress of the software development, report bugs and request features which they find useful.

Periodic webinars to demonstrate new developments in software functionality will also be available.


Image: Stephen Wanjau – CC BY-SA 3.0

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