Chair: Judith Plummer BraeckmanCambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

This webinar explores hydropower as a key solution to the challenge of transition to a zero carbon world. Sustainable hydropower can play a vital role in achieving net zero emissions by generating low-carbon electricity and facilitating integration of intermittent renewables. It provides flexibility and storage services that can ensure energy security, protect the transmission system and deliver more solar and wind into the grid. But hydropower doesn’t come without environmental and social costs. What are the possible benefits and impacts of a shift to managing hydropower flexibly and increasing hydropower reservoir of pump storage capacity?

In this webinar key experts from power systems engineering, conservation, water governance and hydropower sustainability discuss what role hydropower can play in the transition to net-zero. We will be demonstrating the effects of managing hydropower for flexibility using FutureDAMS modelling tools and the panellist will contribute their wealth of experience to debate what the future role of hydropower may look like in the transition to a zero carbon world.

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