FutureDAMS and the Institute of Economic Growth, India, are inviting participants to a workshop on Dams, Development and Water.

27-28 April 2021, 02:00PM-06:15 PM IST (9:30 AM – 13:45 PM UK).

There will be eight presentations by leading scholars, examining a wide range of issues related to the evaluation of dams and other large water-energy projects, from different perspectives. Each presentation will be followed by discussions.  

Day 1: 27 April

Welcome & Introductory Remarks
2:10 pm IST/ 9:40 am UK
Ajit Mishra, David Hulme

Dams and Agricultural Development in India: Re-visiting the Evidence
2:15 pm IST (9:45 am UK)
Kunal Sen, WIDER
Vegard Iversen, University of Greenwich
Richard Palmer-Jones, University of East Anglia
The Future DAMS guide: How and why to engage stakeholders in WEFE modelling
4:00 pm IST (11:30 am UK)
Barnaby Dye, University of Manchester
David Hulme, University of Manchester
Sustainably intensifying irrigatd agriculture in the eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains
4:45 IST/12:15 pm UK
Tim Foster & Roshan Adhikari, University of Manchester
Hydropower Projects in Uttarakhand: Pancheshwar Dam as a Disaster in the Making
5:15 – 5:45 p.m. IST/12:45 – 1:15 p.m. UK
Shruti Jain, Institute of Economic Growth

Day 2: 28 April

Solar Pumps and Energy-Water Nexus in Gujarat: An Assessment of Suryashakti Kisan Yojana (SKY)
2:00 pm IST/ 9:30 am UK
Tushaar Shah, IRMA, Anand

Political Ecology of Groundwater Irrigation in West Bengalhe Evidence
3:00 pm IST (10:30 am UK)
Aditi Mukherjee, IWMI-Delhi
Irrigation and the Spatial Pattern of Structural Transformation in India
4:15 pm IST (11:45 am UK)
Aaditya Dar, Indian School of Business

(With David Blakeslee, Ram Fishman, Samreen Malik, Heitor Pelegrina and Karan Singh)
New multi-dimensional approaches and online tools for managing water and its link to energy at regional and national scales
5:15 IST/12:45 pm UK
Julien Harou, University of Manchester

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