AFRICA 2019, Water Storage and Hydropower Development for Africa conference, 2nd-4th April 2019, Windhoek, Namibia

AFRICA 2019 brought together representatives of organisations active in hydropower and dams in Namibia, Africa and worldwide. The event focused on the challenges and opportunities in African hydro development.

The session on private finance took the form of a panel discussion and was chaired by Dr Judith Plummer Braeckman. Brief presentations were given by each panellist, followed by a broad question and answer session with the audience. The focus of the discussion was facilitating finance and managing risk. The session underscored the involvement of both private finance and host country governments to ensure that infrastructure development is both sustainable and sustainably financed.

The discussions and outcomes of the session can be read in more detail in the report by Judith Plummer Braeckman and Sanna Markkanen, published in Hydropower & Dams.

Download the full report here: Plummer Braeckman and Sanna Markkanen, 2019. Private finance: discussion of risks and challenges. Hydropower & Dams (4): 77-79.

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