FutureDAMs researchers Pon Souvannaseng and David Hulme are convening a panel at the Development Studies Association Conference. The panel will also include papers from FutureDAMS researchers. The conference runs from 19-21st June at the Open University in Milton Keynes.

The panel will take place at 3:30p.m. on Wednesday 19th June in the Christodoulou Meeting Room East, Room 11.


This innovative paper panel, convened by the FutureDAMS consortium, will bring together biophysical and social scientific research to analyse the global phenomenon of hydro-infrastructure expansion and examine how it can be made more environmentally, socially and economically just and sustainable.



The legacy of the World Commission on Dams as a science-policy interface

Christopher Schulz (University of Cambridge) & Bill Adams (University of Cambridge)


Desecuritising Himalayan river basins: the contribution of multi-stakeholder dialogues

Douglas Hill (University of Otago)


When a dam failed: political ecology of Xepian-Xenamnoy dam bust in Laos

Soyeun Kim (Sogang University)


Dams, migration, and agricultural productivity: evidence from Ghana

Roshan Adhikari (University of Manchester), Ralitza Dimova (University of Manchester), Timothy Foster (University of Manchester) & Thomas Higginbottom (University of Manchester)


The politics of dams: a framework

Barnaby Dye (University of Manchester) & Tom Lavers (University of Manchester)


Blaming the weather, blaming the people

Vanessa Boanada Fuchs (University of St.Gallen)


Global discourses and local impacts; hydropower governance in Darjeeling Himalayas

Rinchen Lama (University of Reading)


Understanding China’s hydropower development under the institutionalized governance process of policy coevolution – a case study of Nuozhadu mega-dam in China

Yan Zhang (University of Cambridge)

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