Risk and risk mitigation analytical framework

This analytical framework has been developed to aid risk identification, measurement and management for large hydropower projects in low- and low-middle-income countries. The framework provides a structured approach to the analysis of risk which can aid governments, developers, lenders and investors in maximising the likelihood of a project obtaining sustainable finance.

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In inner wheels detail the sectoral risks and the outer yellow segments are the corresponsing mitigation measures. 
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An analytical framework for understanding risk and risk mitigation in the context of financing large hydropower projects in low- and lower-middle income countries

Further detail on the development and application of the framework are set out in the FutureDAMS working paper.

Perceptions of risk in relation to large hydropower projects: a finance perspective

The second in Plummer Braeckman and Markkanen’s working paper series, this paper integrates financiers’ perceptions of risk into the risk analytical framework.