World Commission on Dams research



The Department of Geography team at the University of Cambridge are undertaking a review of the work of the World Commission on Dams (WCD) and its final report in 2000.  The WCD was an attempt to change the way large dams were conceived, designed and developed.

The project will assess the activities, achievements and limitations of the WCD’s work, in the light of future innovation in dam design and planning.

The work will:

  • Complete a literature review of research on the aims and legacies of the WCD
  • Analyse the aspirations, methods and legacy of the WCD as a science policy interface, drawing on in-depth interviews with key actors
  • Analyse changes in the knowledge systems, methods and training used in contemporary dam system design and management drawing on in-depth interviews with dam-related professionals.

Key Staff:

Professor Bhaskar Vira is the Head of Department and Professor of Political Economy. Bhaskar’s research concerns environmental and development economics, in particular, the often-hidden costs of environmental and developmental processes, and the need for scholarship to draw attention to the distributional consequences of public policy choices. He has worked mainly in India.

Dr Christopher Schulz is a Research Associate with Professor Bill Adams, working on the legacy and impacts of the World Commission on Dams (WCD). He joined the FutureDAMS team in August 2018, following a previous research position at the University of St Andrews, and a PhD in Geography at the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Bill Adams was a research lead for FutureDAMS prior to his retirement in 2020, and continues to have an active interest in the project.

Annual forum update video

This video is available to watch via the Annual Forum Dropbox or on request to Rose Sumner


WCD research


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